Outreach Shame

Outreach Shame is the place to expose every lousy outreach emails. It's every online marketer's worst nightmares. These emails are everything you shouldn't do to promote your business & content. Everything's kept anonymous for good fun above all.

How can you contribute?

Simple, forward us the shameful email to outreachshame@snipcart.com where it'll be up for moderation. We kindly ask you to censor any personal information from the email before forwarding it to us. Once your submission is accepted by our team it’ll be published on the site outreachshame.com.

How does it work?

Once a submission is approved, a commit is pushed in this GitHub repository. We then use Forestry to make content editing and publishing easier for our dumb marketing folks. Once the entry is published, the site is built and deployed automatically on Netlify.